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Internal auditing is an independent,objective assurance and consulting activity that strengthens and protects organisations.

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Internal auditors support achievement of organisation objectives with pragmatic insights that strengthen governance and improve business processes. We strive to make a positive difference from the boardroom to the front line, which maintains trust and confidence in the organisation.

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What's your potential? Rise to the call of reaching your potential by launching an internal audit career right here in New Zealand. Are you starting out in your career or getting ready to rise and side-step, taking your skills to a new challenge? Your journey into internal audit starts here with IIA NZ.

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30 April 2021
1:00 am - 12:00 pm
Delivery Method

IIA Global Headquarters has launched the Webinar Playback Library to provide IIA members with up-to-the-minute information on today's latest topics from thought leaders in the internal audit industry-directly from your desktop or mobile device. In support of your continuing professional education, IIA Global offers all its members with the flexibility to view previously recorded trainings (playbacks) while earning CPE credits.

Two webinar recordings will be released per month. These webinars were previously presented by Affiliates who have kindly donated them for global distribution.You will require your Global Account Number (GAN) to access the recordings.

Webinars may vary but are generally one hour in length. To receive CPE credit, you must complete an attestation that you viewed the webinar playback in its entirety.

Emerging Fraud Risks

In this session, we discussed various emerging fraud risks, primarily those related to the pandemic and the current economy, specifically, looking at mortgage fraud, PPP loan fraud, cyber fraud in a remote environment, and culture risk in a pandemic.

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Social Distancing and Internal Audit: Strategies for Auditing in a Time of Crisis

As organisations grapple with the ramifications of COVID-19 - both internally and externally - there seem to be more questions than answers: Which audits should take priority? How do you audit these when face-to-face, traditional approaches could impose risks? What strategic and financial actions need to be taken? What employee-focused and customer-focused decisions need to be made? Is internal audit, the board, and senior management in sync regarding COVID-19 actions, and is information sharing being conducted in a timely, accurate, and transparent fashion?

Join The IIA's Director of CAE Services, Tim Berichon, for a discussion on the "new normal" of social distancing and internal audit.

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Cyber Risk Fundamentals

Cyber events can threaten both the financial and reputational health of organisations. Without the necessary data, decisions about an organisation's vulnerable assets are made in the dark. The effects of these events are compounded when Information Technology (systems processing information) and Operational Technology (supporting machines, buildings and their operation) systems are not separately addressed.

There's no 'one size fits all' approach to protecting digital assets, and layered defences have become a necessity. This webinar aims to highlight the importance of effectively managing cyber risks. It will outline threats to both IT and OT systems and will offer effective mitigation strategies to defend against cyber threats.

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