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What is internal audit?

Internal audit is a dynamic profession that provides independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively Essentially, Internal Auditors help organisations to succeed.

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Industry Codes


Industry Codes

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

0100 Agricultural, forestry, fisheries, production/services


1000 Mining

1300 Oil and Gas extraction

Contract Construction

1500 Construction


2000 Food/kindred products

2100 Tobacco manufacturers

2200 Textile mill products/Apparel

2400 Lumber / Wood products (incl. furniture/fixtures)

2600 Paper and allied products (incl. printing/publishing)

2800 Chemicals/Petroleum refining

2830 Drugs and research and related industries

2840 Petroleum refining and related industries

3010 Rubber and plastic products

3300 Primary metal industries

3400 Fabricated metal products( including non electric machinery)

3500 Industrial and commercial machinery

3600 Electrical, machinery, electronic equipment and supplies

3700 Transportation equipment

3800 Scientific, photographic, medical goods

3900 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries

Transportation, Communications and Utility Services

4000 Land transportation

4400 Water transportation

4500 Air transportation

4800 Communication services

4810 Telecommunications

4900 Electric/gas/sanitary services

4910 Gas services

4920 Gas and electric services

4930 Sanitary services

Wholesale and Retail Trade

5000 Wholesale trade

5300 Retail trade

5800 Eating and drinking places

Financial, Insurance and Real Estate

6000 Banking and financial institutions

6030 Non banking bank services( e.g. leasing)

6040 Thrift and savings and loan organisations

6100 Credit unions

6130 Other credit agencies

6200 Security and commodity services

6300 Insurance carriers, agents, services

6500 Real estate services

6700 Holding /investment companies


7000 Hotels/lodging services

7200 Personal/social services

7300 Contracted audit services

7310 Management consultants

7320 Information technology services

7330 Executive placement services

7500 Repair services

7600 Gaming /lottery

7800 Motion picture/amusement and recreational services

8000 Health services

8100 Legal services

8200 Educational services

8600 Membership Organisations

8900 Public accounting/accounting/ bookkeeping services


9100 Federal/national Government

9200 State/provincial Government

9300 Local Government

9400 International Government

Non Classifiable

9900 non classifiable establishments

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