Auckland Education Day

25 October 2017 - 25 October 2017
08:00 am-05:00 pm
12 - 16 Nicholls Lane, Parnell
Auckland, NZ

Education Day 2017 is a great opportunity to join your peers and learn about new trends and best practice in our profession of internal auditing and assurance.

This full-day begins with thought-leadership from academia, stakeholders, and practitioners, followed by practical hands-on learning on two contemporary hot-topics. Participants will learn about expectations of internal auditors in protecting their organisations from fraud, and how whistle-blowing and data analytics can help.

The format of Education Day 2017 follows the interactive format of 2016, which promises a dynamic and engaging learning experience for all participants. Members are invited to join in the day by registering your attendance now to secure you place at the table.

Session One: Thought-leadership presentation

In what way does the internal audit function demonstrate its value when it comes to keeping organisations safe from serious wrong-doing and other misdemeanours such as fraud? How can internal auditors make a difference to empower people to speak up? You will hear from Prof. Michael Macaulay who will share his expertise on whistle-blowing and his ideas on what internal auditors should focus on.

Session Two: Panel discussion with stakeholders

Internal auditors have an unenviable set of stakeholders, but these stakeholders don’t always have the same expectations. Wouldn’t it be great to have a balanced view of what they want? We have assembled panels comprising senior executives, board governors, chief audit executives and audit committee chairs at each of the three centres to discuss and debate their perspectives

Think about what you want to know but had always been afraid to ask in this discussion that Prof. Michael Macaulay will facilitate.

Session Three: Interactive learning
Fraud – Should it keep you awake?

Forensic specialist David Seath will set the scene for this session. Using a selection of real-life cases to highlight key points, he will illustrate the types of frauds he and his team have investigated. He will then run through what a good counter fraud programme looks like, and finish with a discussion on red flags. This is aimed at helping you understand your role as an internal auditor and the common gaps and pitfalls with fraud management and response. Then you have a chance to apply your skills against a recent and real case study which will take you through the phases experienced by an audit and investigation team, and which you will likely experience when confronted with fraud in your organisations.

Session Four: Interactive learning
Data Analytics - Making light of finding needles in haystacks

In this two-part session; two facilitators will demonstrate how using analytics differently; yielded significant value in a recent case. This case study will offer you an opportunity to conceptualise the data in a unique way . If your organisations are now using data to drive audit value; this session will lift your analytics to the next level.

Come share your stories, insights, and techniques and take away new perspectives to improve your sense of direction and capability for your organisation.

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Members $395.00 plus GST
Non-Members $495.00 plus GST

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