Isaca Auckland

19 July 2017 - 19 July 2017
12:30 pm-01:45 pm
IBM, L4 Customer Space, 30 Gaunt Street,
Auckland, NZ

Presentation Topic: Cognitive Security

For decades, we’ve programmed computers to recognise viruses, malware and exploits. Given the disruptive digital transformation facing many organisations, how can cognitive security give us the edge against the bad guys? Adversaries constantly morph their attacks and find creative ways to breach organisational defenses. What organisations need is the ability to detect the subtlest change in activity and analyse it with as much context as possible to distinguish and eliminate new threats. On the basis that Moore's law observes that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. Can human beings keep up with the growth of technology exponentially advancing rapidly and actually protect their organisations from attacks perpetrated by organised crime? Are you willing to commence your own cognitive security journey?

Speaker: John Martin, Senior Security Architect & Security Practice Leader

John is a Senior Security Architect & Security Practice Leader for IBM NZ. He is an Open Systems Master level certified architect. His qualifications include Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and Information Systems Security Architect Professional (ISSAP). He is a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP), and ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). He is a member of the British Computer Society, (Certified Information Technology Professional). He is an IT Certified Professional (with the Institute of IT Professionals (ITCP). He holds a Master’s degree in Managing Information Systems from the University of Salford, UK. He has over 38 years of experience in the various security and privacy fields.

He was formally trained originally as a Maritime Radio Officer before joining the Diplomatic Wireless Service within the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) where he worked extensively overseas for 20 years. After leaving the FCO he joined the commercial world with Marconi SecurTrust as their Principal Security Consultant. He migrated to New Zealand with his wife in 2000 and joined Logical Networks as a contractor, before becoming their Principal Security Consultant. He joined IBM in June 2004, after the Logical Network acquisition. He was a member of the Netsafe board for 12 years. He is involved in Civil Defence Emergency Communications and Amateur Radio Emergency Communications as a volunteer.

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Date: 19July 2017 (Wednesday)
12:30pm to 01:00pm (Lunch)
01:00pm to 1:45pm (Presentation)

Venue: ZE12, IBM, L4 Customer Space, 30 Gaunt Street, Auckland

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