IIA NZ has a schedule for membership fees for individuals and for organisations.

Individual members

Costs are per year.

$386.40 (including GST)

  1. Individuals who have a direct jurisdiction over Internal Audit activities or who are engaged as Internal Auditors but who do not qualify as an Associate.
  2. Corporate Officers, Public Accountants and others who are employed in fields related to Internal Auditing.

The Institute may change the classification from Member to Qualified Member for those members who have satisfied the qualification requirements and have been granted approval to use the CIA, CCSA, CFSA, CRMA or CGAP designations by the IIA governing body.

The Institute reserves the right to re-classify an Member to Associate Member for members engaged in Internal Auditing who have passed the Certified Internal Auditor Examination, have passed the Diploma of Business Studies (Internal Auditing), have other qualifications as may be deemed appropriate and approved by all NZ Board Members and have completed a minimum of two (2) years practical experience in Internal Auditing.

Education Member
$101.43 (including GST)

Individuals principally employed as educators at colleges, technical institutes and universities.

Student Member
$101.43 (including GST)

Individuals engaged full-time in the study of Internal Auditing or related courses at college, technical institutes or universities who cannot qualify as either an Associate, an Education Member or a Member.

Retired Member
$101.43 (including GST)

Open to anyone who has been a member of good standing of IIA NZ and who has retired.

Members who have left a member organisation
We offer departing employees a top-up subscription to stay on as an individual member. Contact IIA NZ to find out more.

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Contact our IIA NZ office staff.

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Organisation membership

Membership fee quoted is inclusive of GST and covers the financial year 01 January to 31 December.

There are five classes of Organisational membership.

Paying for a number of staff rather than for individuals means when a staff member leaves you can have their replacement join up at no additional cost subject to a new application form for staff who are not currently IIA NZ members.

Membership categories are:

Bronze up to 3 - 5 members $1738.80

Silver from 6 - 10 members $3284.40

Gold 11 - 15 members $4636.80

Platinum 16 - 24 members $5433.75

Platinum Plus 25 plus members $6037.50

  • Organisational membership comes with one free hard copy subscription to Internal Auditor magazine for circulation among members.
  • Your organisational will get Situations Vacant advertising on our IIA NZ website for $50 per advertisement (usual rate $200).

Question: I have seven staff and am unlikely to increase that number. Can I purchase a bronze class and then two individual memberships? Answer: Yes

Question: What happens to the individual's membership if they leave our organisational? Answer: It lapses, unless they move to another workplace which also has Organisational membership. We offer departing employees a top-up subscription to stay on as a member.

Find out more or join as an organisational.

Contact IIA NZ on admin@iianz.org.nz to ask any questions or make arrangements to join as an organisational.