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What's the difference between an internal auditor who is a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors and an internal auditor who isn't? A competitive edge. The IIA and it's affiliates worldwide provides internal audit professionals with the information and skills needed to stay on the leading edge.

IIA NZ recognises the need for its members to continue to change, adapt and thrive in the evolving and challenging environment of internal audit.

IIA NZ provides our members with many opportunities to enhance their skills and keep up-to-date with current issues and ideas in the practice of internal audit in its many forms. IIA NZ members develop critical contacts, form lasting professional relationships with peers and polish professional expertise through attendance of seminars, conferences and education days. IIA membership is progress through sharing.

IIA, both internationally and here in New Zealand, plays an active role in the public arena building awareness of internal auditing, promoting members' interests and challenging organisations to reach the highest standards of corporate governance. The International Standards and Code of Ethics unite a global community of 185,000 internal auditors in 165 countries.

IIA NZ is committed to enhancing the recognition and professionalism of internal audit. Membership demonstrates your commitment to your career and enhances your professional standing for clients and employers.

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