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Developed in response to a high demand for timely thought leadership that is powerful, timely, relevant, topical and responsive to global geopolitical and economic influences, The IIA created Global Perspectives and Insights. This new thought-leadership series, offers insight and direction on key issues, with perspectives that resonate globally. Its content will come from a variety of sources, including: IIA Global, Institutes, regional associations, and advocacy partners, such as IFAC and INTOSAI.

Issue 2 / October 2015: Beyond the Numbers: Internal Audit's Role in Non-financial Reporting

Non-financial reporting is the reporting of quantitative and qualitative information that falls outside the scope of mainstream financial statements. More than a passing trend, non-financial reporting is required in some jurisdictions; global frameworks and standardized approaches to non-financial reporting are gaining recognition; and spending on related assurance is projected to grow. Global Perspectives and Insights Issue 2 discusses internal audit’s role in non-financial reporting.

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