Special Interest Groups

IIA NZ encourage and support the formation and development of special interest groups which support the practice needs of our members' work and areas of interest.

IIA NZ members may attend any of the following special interest groups for free by registering via the events page.

Small Practitioner Interest Group - Wellington

The objective of this group is to provide a forum to discuss issues and challenges that members face who are not part of a larger team. Members meet for a discussion followed by social networking four times a year.

Public Sector Interest Group

Our large cohort of members working in the public sector can share, exchange and collaborate on topics of common interest through the Public Sector Interest Group.

Emerging Auditor Special Interest Group - Wellington

The Emerging Auditor Group recognises the evolving learning needs of practitioners within the 1 - 6 year career space and delivers in depth topical group discussions for development.

Waikato Special Interest Group - Waikato, Upper Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, and Gisborne

The Waikato Special Interest Group localised networking, professional development and collegial support to Institute members. Additionally, group members will encourage and promote members to similar professionals within the territory and extend invitations for knowledge sharing across sectors.

Manawatu Special Interest Group - Wanganui, Feilding, Palmerston North, Horowhenua

The Manawatu Special Interest Group meets to promote professional cohesion among members across a large geopraphical area in smaller practices. Two meetings a year encourage knowledge sharing and practice etiquete, standards and best practice.

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